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On December 14th, 360centre360 held its first Workplace Wellness Workshop with Mark Manners from Sun Life Financial delivering a presentation to our athletes about maximizing their group benefit plans.

During the session, Mark covered a wide range of topics from coordination of benefits to information about what services and equipment are covered under a standard benefits plan. The goal was to help our athletes to better understand their plan and to ensure that moving forward they get the most out of the dollars available to them.

“We were pleased to have Mark Manners from Sun Life join us for our inaugural Workplace Wellness Workshop and are excited to host more of these events in 2018 so that we can continue to serve our “Every Day Athletes” beyond the treatment table” says Jenn Bushell, Managing Partner of 360centre360.

The free workshop was the first in a series of bi-monthly events set to take place in 2018 with the aim to provide 360centre360 athletes with the knowledge and tools to lead healthier lives so that they can reach their full potential.

“We are passionate about educating our athletes in the areas of health and wellness and feel that the workshops provide an ideal opportunity for them to engage in subjects that will directly improve their quality of life” adds Bushell.

In the new year, workplace wellness sessions will cover office workstation assessments, mental health and wellness, and nutrition and meal planning.

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