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We’re proud to share that our very own Jenn Bushell (Athletic Therapist) and Jade Bbcck (Physiotherapist) will be featured presenters at Parliament Hill MoveCamp‘s annual year end health, nutrition and fitness conference, MoveCon 2018.

Details: MoveCon 2018 is taking place on Saturday, September 29th from 9am to 3pm at 240 Sparks Shopping Centre just outside of 360centre360 and Jenn and Jade will be speaking about how to optimize your workspace to avoid ongoing pain and injury.

Tickets: Parliament Hill MoveCamp is offering a 10% discount on tickets for all #360EveryDayAthletes. Use promo code: movecamp2018360 to redeem your offer : https://movecamp.ca/movecon/

About MoveCon 2018

MoveCon 2018 is the ultimate fitness and nutrition conference where you can discover how to setup your daily fitness and nutrition productivity plan, create ideal routines, set 90-day goals, discover rituals to prime your brain for success, and more.